Equality is one of five values on which the Union is founded. Inequalities between women and men violate fundamental rights. They also impose a heavy toll on the economy and result in under-utilisation of talent.
On one hand, gender roles continue to influence crucial individual decisions: on education, on career paths, on working arrangements, on family and on fertility. These decisions in turn have an impact on the economy and society. On the other hand, many of the skills offered by mono-cultural training programmes may appear irrelevant along gender dimensions.

It is therefore time to face and overcome the crucial gender-related issues of women low participation to the labour market, the sectoral and vertical segregation, the lack of family-friendly policies, the persistence of well-rooted gender stereotypes. Partners are convinced that one way to tackle them is to strengthen the role played by educational and career choices and by the people able to guide and support such transition phases. For that, GET UP concentrates its efforts on improving the competences of key actors in transition phases. In addition, it will work on integrating skills and competences of HR managers and employers so as to promote and ensure gender equality at the workplace.