The main priority of the project is to address the stereotyping of educational and career choices and to promote gender equality in education, training, career guidance and at the workplace. To respond to this main priority the specific objectives of the project are to:

– define an European Minimum Standard of Competences on Gender Equality (EMSC) for those responsible of Human Resources at the workplace (directors, employers, trade unions), Career Guidance professionals and Teachers supporting training and employment choices in order to guide, promote, recruit and retain individuals by overcoming gender stereotypes and taking into consideration their skills, competences and interests;

– strengthen the skills and competences of the above mentioned professionals of both private and public organisations and companies on European and national legislation, practices and behaviours aimed at overcoming gender stereotypes;

– raise awareness on gender equality among partner organizations and their members, as well as the whole public, thus promoting also at European level the benefits delivering from the equal participation in society of men and women.