Photo Contest Jury

These are the members of the jury for the GET UP Photo Contest. More information about the contest HERE.

Giorgio Algeri

Giorgio Algeri is a Human Rights Practitioner currently based in North America. Originally from Italy, he spent the last 12 years working for both International Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and the United Nations. His recent work across fragile and non-fragile states includes assignments in Tunisia, Cambodia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic, and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. In 2010, Giorgio was awarded the prestigious Rotary Peace Fellowship for his commitment to peacebuilding so as to pursue further studies in the area of Peace and Conflict Resolution. Over the past years, Giorgio facilitated participatory photography workshops with asylum seekers, refugees and other vulnerable groups in Indonesia and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. More recently in November 2017, within the framework of the EU-funded project “LADDER Local authorities as Drivers for Development Education and Awareness Raising”, he trained around 18 citizen journalists from the European Union and Neighboring countries on photography basics, including composition and ethics. Personal portfolio:

Tatyana Kmetova

Ms Kmetova is a founding member, and the Executive Director of the Center of Women’s Studies and Policies Foundation (CWSP: in Sofia, Bulgaria, since 2003 where she acts also as a gender expert, researcher and trainer. As a gender expert, researcher and trainer she used to work for different women’s and gender NGOs in the country and abroad, for the Bulgarian Government, other international institutions. She was a Board Member of the International Gender Policy Network (IGPN), a member of UN Women Civil Society Advisory Group for Central and South-eastern Europe, a member of the Management Board of the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE), etc.

Dania Marchesi

Dania Marchesi, born in Liguria in 1969 with two passions, people and image. Passions that evolves in the profession of psychologist of work and organization the first, and in passionate photographer the second. For years she has been involved in personal and collective photography exhibitions, on themes such as work (which dignifies human being) and human being itself, as a bearer of emotions, archetypes and stereotypes. She has been member of the Board of AIDP Liguria for 22 years, and has collaborated over the years to relevant international projects. She has been working in the HR sector for over twenty years. She conceived and organized in cooperation with CANON the photographic competition “Take pictures about the Work of Your Future” for the National Congress AIDP 2018, intended to “map” the perception of the world of work by middle-school students. She works intensively to make culture of the Image in Schools, Institutions, Associations, in an historical moment where images are at the centre of the new media language (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), but not so much in the centre we find respect, beauty and critical spirit.

Laura Sassi

Professional Photographer since 1977, she lives and works in Reggio Emilia. She gained important Italian and European recognitions for her professional work. Jury’s president of the Italian professional qualifications QIP from 2005 to 2012. Since 15 years she has been teaching successful photography courses, basic and advanced. In addition to the professional photographer career, she carries out personal researches that turn into specific exhibitions. Her preferences are the use of black and white in film that develops and prints personally.

Luca Morganti

Luca Morganti (born in Umbria in 1983) is an illustrator and graphic artist. Luca combines his digital skills to the manual ones that he acquired at the Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia. To the oil painting and pencil drawing he adds the graphic pen and digital work: the result is a mixture of graphite, pixels and vectors. In 2014 Luca started the “Splendidinsetti project”, a series of illustrations that were exhibited at the “Fuori Salone” in Milan, in Crema, Perugia, and Padua. Luca’s passion for food led him to create “”, where he merges his captivating recipes with illustrations and short stories. In 2017 he began his collaboration with “la Lettura”, the Sunday insert of “Corriere della Sera”. Today Luca continues to sharpen his pencil for the web and the printed paper.